Tamiya Cars

The Tamiya Lamborghini Contact LP500s car number 58005
Countach LP500S

Pieced together mainly through eBay buys. A combination of new in packet part as well as some second hand parts. For me, a pure white Lambo is the only way to go.

The Tamiya Celica LB Turbo RC car number 58009
Tamia Celica LB Turbo

This was bought second hand (along with the Renault MK 22 and a Hornet) when I was about 15 from the local trading post. It suffered major damaged after getting rocket engines strapped to it!

58010 Ligier JS9 Matra

The Tamiya Ligier JS9 Matra RC car number 58010
Bought on eBay, needing lots of love

Another eBay find. The body will need lots of repair, but the chassis is pretty good.

58013 March 782 BMW

The Tamiya March 782 BMW RC car number 58013
Bought this from Lebanon.

One of my few NIB cars, purchased from Lebanon.

The Tamiya Martini Mk22 Renault RC car number 58056
My Renault as I left it as a teenager

This car I’ve had since I was about 14 or 15. I bought this second hand along with a Celica LB Turbo and a Hornet. The pic is the result of a bad paint job that I tried to sand back. Has since been restored.

58014 Martini Mk 22 Renault, Car 2

The Tamiya Martini Mk22 Renault RC car number 58056
A Renault body that was bought as part of an ebay junk lot.

Purchased as part of a junk lot, this car was not in the best shape. Pic is after an initial clean up in Dettol.

58036 Audi Quattro

The Tamiya Audi Quattro RC car number 58036
The Tamiya Audi Quattro RC car number 58056

Like many of my cars, an eBay buy that needs some TLC. Pic is it with new decals I made, but then I tried to clean the paint on the body and things went downhill from there.

58038 Subaru Brat

The Tamiya Subaru Brat RC car number 58038
The Tamiya Subaru Brat RC car number 58056

Another eBay buy that needs some TLC. Hard shell body that was cracked at the front.

58001 Porsche 934

Bits and pieces, needs a chassis.

58010 Ligier JS9 Matra

One thats got substantial body damage and almost enough parts to make a second one, including a NIP body.

58011 Ferrari 312T3

Pretty much a complete kit that was started, but never finished.

58013 March 782 BMW

NIB, but box is slowly falling apart. Bought from a guy in Lebanon.

58441 Buggy Champ

Bought new and actually finished this one.


NIB, yet to build this one!

58018 Ralt RT2 Hart 420R

Another needing repair, body is damaged, but otherwise its nearly complete.

58038 Brat

Pretty much complete, but body is damaged, needs new tires

58041 Frog

I have about 3 of these need restoring.

58043 Grasshopper

Pretty much complete, just needs a clean up.

58045 Hornet

I have about 3 of these, one is a re-re.

58047 Hotshot

One of my first purchases once I reconnected with RC cars. I bought this with a Nichimo Luminous

58050 Wild One

Had wanted one of these for a long time, fun to drive.

58051 Fox

The was my second new RC purchase as a kid. The local supermarket has imported some and sold them cheaply until the local distributor found out.

58052 Newman Porsche 956 RM Mk 7

In need of much attention.

58053 Road Wizard

3 in need of rebuilding. Bodies are all damaged, so I have vac formed new ones.

58063 Lunchbox

Fun to drive, I painted this in the style of A-Team.

58080 Midnight Pumpkin

Chrome body, needs to be built.

58102 Mazda 787B

Sourced from different places.

58117 Lancia Delta_HF

Everything is ready to go, just have to build it!

58129 Castrol Celica 93 Monte-Carlo

Another favourite to drive, just wish I’d taken more care of the body!

58132 Mitsubishi Pajero

I never thought I’d get into crawling, but its kinda fun and I like the idea of making a scale off-roader.

58149 Rover Mini Cooper M01

You can never have enough minis, fun to drive.

58160 Dirt Thrasher

This was a friends from uni, I will restore this to box art.

58182 TA03F Audi A4 STW

Have the chassis, need the body. I’m tempted to put the original Quattro body from the 80s on this instead.

58183 BTCC Volvo 850

The body on this needs replacing. I have a Parma one, and will try and re-make my own.

58204 Blazing Star

Just needs a clean, have bought new tires and rims for this.

58210 TA03F Subaru

Not perfect, but reasonable tidy.

58211 Rover Mini Cooper M03

Another of those fun minis.

58312 Blackfoot Extreme

Another of those fun minis.

49174 Mad Bull Special Edition

Fun to drive, don’t expect exact steering.

57104 Tamtech GT-01 Porsche 935

2013 Christmas present. Build, but dodgy paint job, still need to apply sticker. I find driving it too long and the pinion on the motor spins.

58572 M06-L Beetle

2016 Christmas present. Its still NIB. Would like to make a Delorean body for this chassis.