RC Videos

Radio Control Car Videos

As well as repairing and driving the cars, I also like trying to film them. I am currently using a GoPro Hero Black 3 to film, running along with the cars holding the camera on the end of a pole. My footage may not be very good, but at least I get some exercise. Below are links to my youtube channel.

Boondall Entertainment Centre Track

This video is from The Brisbane Entertainment Centre at Boondall, just North of Brisbane. Many moons ago the council made a track purely for RC cars. A group of guys go there every fortnight and also maintain the track. RC Cars range from vintage to new, some fast some not so fast.

Thorneside – March 2014

Myself and a couple of mates run at Thornside every so often. Today we ran:

  • Tamiya Super Shot
  • Tamiya Grasshopper
  • Tamiya Blackfoot Extreme
  • Tamiya Nissan Kingcab
  • Tamiya Lunchbox
  • Tamiya Lunchbox (with Brushless motor – much more fun!)
  • Tamiya Thunder Shot

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