Lamborghini Countach LP500S

58005 Lamborghini Countach LP500S

The Tamiya Lamborghini Contact LP500s car number 58005

Another car that was on my want list. A very iconic 80s car and if I had the chance I would have made a 1:1 kit car.

As a complete kit, these usually go for more than I can afford, so I gradually sourced this in pieces over nearly 2 years. The chassis, steering, interior and wheels are all new in packet. The rest are second hand parts that I’ve had to restore.

This build started with the body. I had plenty of early chassis pieces, so I new I could start a build, however I ended up finding a new in packet chassis set.

Body from eBay

Most of the work in this build will be restoring the body. Parts of the interior were missing and the windscreen had seen better days. I was lucky enough to get a sprue with the remains body pieces I needed, such as the windscreen wipers etc.

managed to find a new in packet chassis set

The lucky find was the NIP chassis set. I was also lucky that a early find meant I had a gearbox, differential gears and tires. From here all I really needed was the rims to make it complete.

Body with pieces and paint removed

I used dettol to remove the paint. Overall not too bad, but there was some cracks in the body over the front wheel arches.

undercoat and then fixing up the body

I then applied undercoat and started sanding the body smooth. I used friction welding to join the cracks, with filler to help smooth over.

Body painted white

After a couple of botched attempts, I finally had a semi-decent coat of white paint.