Who doesn’t like LEGO! I had some technical LEGO kits as a kid, and now that I am a big kid I’ve managed to collect a few more sets.

I’ll be updating this with pics of:
kit 850 Fork Lift Truck
kit 854 Go Kart
kit 856 Bulldozer
kit 8844 Helicopter
kit 8845 Dune Buggy
kit 8846 Tow Truck
kit 8859 Tractor

plus some star wars lego sets – x-wing, y-wing, millennium falcon and a kit 75156 Krennic’s Imperial Shuttle

A link to my RC projects

When I started collecting RC cars, I started out by looking for the ones I wanted as a teenager. I had the 1985 Tamiya RC catalogue and many cars are from there or earlier. Over the years I have branched out a little. I also tended to lean towards trying to restore rather than looking for NIB.

A link to my collection of Marui Cars

My first proper RC car was a Marui Galaxy RS. While not perfect, it was awesome! Since then I have managed to expand the collection a little.

a link to my attempts on scratch building various parts

Making your own parts is fun, and this page links to many of my attempts.